Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Root cause of corruption---ineffective Judicial system

The Root cause of Corruption and Red-tapism

The entire developing world, which aspires to march towards being a developed economy has a common pull-backer---corruption and Red-tapism, the bureaucratic framework left by our ex-colonial masters have gone old and rusted ,and needs to be removed and changed or greased to work effectively, while we see major investment destination in infrastructure ,industry and other business interest, no one seem to notice the draining of the funds due to gross mismanagement .While India and China are the rising economies and an attractive investment destination, what these countries need to invest and focus on is a strong and speedy judical service, as this alone can lead to a proper sustainable development given the economic size of these emerging giants, if all these countries( brazil/mexico/India/china) lack something in common is strong and speedy Judicial reforms, unfortunately, while we focus on internal security ,defence and agriculture budgets , we seem not to focus on the root causes of Corruption, Goondaism,and that can be wiped out only with innovative and speedy reforms in Judiciary .
We need investment and reforms and co-operation from the developed world, not just in defence and space technology but also in speed and sustainable judicial reforms.

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